8 pillars of thermo-lacquered galvanized tube of 80x60x2mm with anchor plates, reinforcement brackets and 6 anchors for fastening metal frames.

2 gantries of galvanized laminated steel profile of 80x160x3mm for bottom and sides.

14 galvanized meshes of 50x50x4mm with 2 folds and fastening sheet with 12 laser-cut sheet metal sails.

8 frames of 3000x2000mm of galvanized structural tube of 80x40x2mm with electro-welded mesh of 2000x3000mm.

4 straight spotlight extensions of galvanized tube of 60x60x2mm or 4 curved spotlight extensions of double galvanized tube of 40x40x2mm.

4 thermo-lacquered galvanized steel frames with electro-welded mesh of 3000x1995mm for the holes of the gateways.


18 approved tempered glass modules of 2995x1995mm and 10mm or 12mm thick, with countersunk holes for fastening and polished edges, and stiffeners for the upper part.


Artificial turf of 13mm height, made of monofilament polypropylene fiber, with a proportional part of regulatory game lines.

13kg per m2 of selected granulometry silica sand.


Spotlights with LED lamps of 200w.

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